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Plan "B"

Recording is always a tricky thing. There are budgets, studios, and time restrictions to adhere to. Recently we have put together a remote facility which allows our clients to set up and record in their own comfortable environment. Nerves and cost are now kept at bay. Contact us for more details.


Bring out the most in your music

During a recording, rough mixes are impulsive and great! But when the final mix comes around, it seems all the fun and dynamics have disappeared. We know how much your music means to you, so let us make sure your mixes are headed in the right direction!


Getting the final touches right!

Mixing is Mixing and Mastering is Mastering. Do not try to master while mixing! They are two different animals. We know the difference. Whatever stage you’re aiming for, you need to put your best foot forward and make it a perfect listening experience. Save the excuses.


It’s all about performance.

The artist’s wish list is always our first priority. We want to understand your vision so we can make it a reality. A song is not only a piece of music; it’s about environment, studios, staff, microphones, musicians and last but not least, The Performance. Now let’s mold that all together and we’ve got the making of a great record. That takes talent!


Plan ahead

Big or small, Let us review your plans for your next project. Our resources and experience will help make sure your project will be on Budget, on Track and on Time. We can probably help out with a lot more than you think!


Understanding Talent

Every day we’re all looking for a better way to improve ourselves through experience and knowledge. Developing an artist is much of the same. With Forty years of experience on an International stage, we understand what it takes to develop and nurture a project in a way no one else can and that makes a difference!

Let us show you how.

“We achieve the sound you want to hear”

-Bill Szawlowski