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Frank Marino - Mahogany Rush

“If I had to list all of the attributes that make him valuable to a project, I’d need to write an essay. I’d have to sum it up by saying that he cares… He cares about someone’s project as if it’s his own, and that’s worth all of anyone’s talents put together in my opinion.”

Frank Marino
Mahogany Rush

Jim West - Justin Time Records

“I would highly recommend Bill for any type of recording……, anywhere. He’s on top of his game!”

Jim West
President of Justin Time Records

Trevor Payne - Montreal Jubilatin Choir

“Bill is much more than a sound engineer, he is a fine artist. When we work together it is a ‘total musical experience’.”

Dr. Trevor W. Payne, C. M., Director
Montreal Jubilation Choir

John Snyder

“I think your mastering has helped immensely…” “You done good, son. Slap yourself on the back.”

John Snyder
Four-time Grammy-winning producer
Album: That’s For Me – Suzie Arioli Featuring Jordan Officer

Jazz Review

«…the nuances of Freeman’s playing can be heard with clarity, and the mix with the bass and drums allows each of the instruments to be heard, perhaps as a result of Bill Szawlowski’s digital editing and re-mastering.»

Don Williamson
Album: Russ Freeman – Safe at Home

J.P. Mortier

“Thanks for all the help, the album wouldn’t have sounded this good without you.”

J.P. Mortier
Independent Artist
Album: J.P. Mortier – JPM 003

Journal Pioneer

«…pleased that the mastering captured the songs and the music just the way she heard them in her head. »

Eric McCarthy
The Journal Pioneer
Album: Blue Roses – Nikkie Gallant

Matthew Enright

«Many thanks to William Szawlowski for taking the impossible and making it sound like something worthy of its original enthusiastic performance. You have truly brought live memories back to life. »

Matthew Enright
Recording Artist
Album: Waiting For The Dawn – Emerald City

Jeff Johnston

«Thanks for your talent, humor, patience and for being so accommodating. »

Jeff Johnston
Recording Artist
Album: Nuage – Jeff Johnson

«Thank you for your musical skills, perseverance and making me feel like you always have my back.»

Ian Cooney
Producer, Recording Artist